Do Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Get You High?
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Do Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Get You High?

Do Lion’s Mane Mushrooms Get You High?

With society becoming increasingly educated about preventative health and alternative health, the market has expanded and drawn attention to a wider range of traditional herbal medicines. Among the supplements receiving more attention from health-conscious consumers is a species of fungi called lion’s mane (hericium erinaceus). This therapeutic mushroom’s medicinal history originates in the far east, where it’s featured as a prominent panacea in traditional Chinese medicine. One question that is frequently posed in regards to lion’s mane is whether or not it imparts the consumer with a “high” feeling, or bears any psychotropic effects. Colorado Kosher™, an authority in holistic herbal remedies, is here to inform cautious buyers that there’s nothing to fear. 

While lion’s mane certainly has the capacity to provide consumers with an overall sense of well-being and enhanced energy over time, it is absolutely not psychoactive. There is no “high” or impairment associated with consuming lion’s mane in any of its various forms. Further, there is no risk of dependence or withdrawal. The mood lift and increased energy associated with lion’s mane is simply a result of its health properties.

Studies show lion’s mane acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, allowing for improved circulation of oxygenated blood to the extremities, tissues, and small blood vessels (capillaries). This aspect alone can leave users feeling more alert, refreshed, and strong. Additionally, this simple increase in circulation can provide sharpened focus and relief from depression and anxiety. Another role of antioxidants in the body is to remove free radicals and cellular toxins, which may further enhance physical and mental performance. 

Research suggests other prominent benefits of ingesting lion’s mane include the relief of stress on muscle tissue, improved recovery, and immune system support. The fungus’ chemical action as an anti-inflammatory relieves pain by assisting blood flow and antibodies to the source of inflammation, which in turn speeds up the cellular healing process. This may prove supportive for athletic fatigue, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or the aches and pains of daily life. The answer to the question “does lion’s mane get you high” is simply “no”. For more information on lion’s mane, as well as other natural and kosher remedies, visit our website or check out our products page.

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