Can CBD or Hemp Make You High?
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Can CBD or Hemp Make You High?

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Can CBD or Hemp Make You High?

These days, it’s hard to walk down the street, into a store, or even visit a gas station without seeing signs and advertisements for the world’s favorite new supplement — CBD. Even though it has made its way into shops and health food stores all over the country, there is still plenty of misinformation out there. Look no further than one of the most common questions people ask: Can CBD get you high? 


Hemp CBD vs Marijuana THC 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid – a type of natural compound found in the cannabis plant known as hemp. CBD is one of many compounds in these plants, but it has received more attention since the Federal Farm Bill was passed, which legalized the sale of hemp CBD on a federal level. Another well-known cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol, which you may know as THC.

THC is most popular for its psychoactive effects  — It’s also what many people know as the cannabis plant known as marijuana. THC’s psychoactive effect is considered a “high.” CBD, however, is not a psychoactive compound, and therefore will not get you high. Believe it or not, many people enjoy CBD and THC, respectively, and generally for different reasons. There are millions of people who have never dreamed of consuming marijuana that happen to love CBD from hemp.  


What does CBD do? 

What CBD may do, studies show, is create beneficial effects for your body, acting as an anti-inflammatory and an anticonvulsant to help with symptoms of specific medical issues  — both physical and mental. It may prove to be a great supplement helping with stress. Many people consume CBD to simply relax after work, unwind before going to sleep, or recover from a workout. CBD can also aid the digestive system! These effects come from CBD’s ability to access the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates a whole host of processes including immune response, mood regulation & digestion. These positive attributes can come along with some changes in mood, but not a psychoactive high.


CBD Effects and Genetics

Like any other supplement, CBD can affect each person differently. Not only does each user’s unique genetic makeup and biochemistry play a major role in their experience with CBD, but the cannabinoid and terpene content of the plant strain serves as differing factors. Taking a moderate dose, there are some people who will hardly notice any change in their mood or general cognitive state. Others may feel a distinct sense of relaxation or overall wellness that has changed lives. 

If you’re new to CBD, we are happy to answer these types of questions for our customers at Colorado Kosher™. Use the contact page on our website to leave any questions or set up a time to speak with an experienced member of our staff who cares about your wellbeing.  Remember, everyone is different, and even two twins with the same issue could require different attention. Take comfort in the fact there are no psychoactive effects with CBD and just like with everything that’s good in life, trial and error is key to finding out our comfort zone.  

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